I just had the most amazing lunch from The Lunch Mason. The coconut curry jar was delish! Can’t wait to try more.
— Laurie P.
The Lunch Mason is soooo goooood— I look forward to my lunch every week (sometimes twice a week for my favorites like the thai peanut noodles!)
There’s an endless variety of local, organic, tasty goodness. What’s not to love?
— Carolyn K.
Mondays never tasted good until now - the Lunch Mason delivery makes my tummy smile!
— Dana D.
The peanut butter pretzel jar was one of the most flavorful and decadent desserts I’ve had without the guilt!
— Suzanne A.
I loved the zoodles and meatballs!! The peanut butter pretzel jar tasted amazing and the best part was that I didn’t have to feel guilty about eating it afterwards! The Lunch Mason has fresh and organic ingredients at a great cost!
— Valerie L.
The Thai Peanut Noodles were delicious! Can’t wait to have them again!
— Josh S.
I usually am not a fan for salad. However the Lunch Mason changed my prospect about salads. Not only are the ingredients from local organic & farms, they were also mixed tastefully and artistically. The price is also very good. I am now a big fan of Lunch Mason.
— Michelle C.
Monday’s are now a highlight of my week thanks to the delicious Lunch Mason! The food is delicious, wholesome and made with great care. I wish I had them every other day of the week!
— Laura D.
The Lunch Mason has become one of the highlights of my week! The ingredients are always fresh and super tasty. The desserts are to die for!
— Crista B.
Yummy!!! Friday better watch out, ‘The Lunch Mason’ makes you look forward to Mondays. Tasty, well thought out, and highly convenient.
— James N.
The Lunch Mason delivery days are the best! The jars are created & prepared with care by a health coach who chooses ingredients that nourish and energize the body. This human rocket fuel is then thoughtfully combined into meals bursting with flavor. I love that the ingredients are organic and local when possible. Delivery + home-cooked + organic + great price = the perfect lunch
— Sarah D.
The Cobb Salad is one of my favorites! Sweet corn and juicy cherry tomatoes balanced the bacon and gorgonzola cheese; the mix of sunflower seeds and romaine hearts brought crunchy elements that mixed well with eggs and avocado. The light acidity of the red wine vinaigrette pulled all the ingredients together. A perfectly fresh combination that was light yet fulfilling.
— Luzed D.
The Lunch Mason, is seriously the best all-around lunch I have had in over a decade of working in NYC! Knowing that all the ingredients are sourced locally and are organic makes me feel good inside and out about eating this meal. The weekly menu is wonderful and gives plenty of options for vegetarians like myself. These tasty, satisfying, meals also are a lifesaver right now as I am pregnant and have gestational diabetes. Finding healthy, quick, organic options, that do not raise my blood sugar, is hard and I am so glad to have found this lunch service!
— Elizabeth A.
The Lunch Mason has opened my eyes to new flavors and wonderful deliciousness! I could have never imagined the flavor combinations would be so simple yet complex and hit every sense on my tongue. I have been ordering Lunch Mason for a few months and I absolutely look forward to each weeks new recipe. Its a wonderful lunch and absolutely worth the experience!! Thank you Lunch Mason!! Keep the yumminess coming!!
— Melinda R.
The Lunch Mason is such a fantastic service I think everyone should get on this bandwagon and start ordering their lunches! I look forward to the weekly menu emails. It puts my mind at ease knowing I can select delicious and healthy lunches for myself and my husband. I don’t always make time to cook proper healthy lunches and The Lunch Mason has lifted a weight off my shoulders because I know there is always a healthy satisfying meal waiting for us! Thank you!
— Bessie L.
Healthy, fresh, delish, convenient lunch delivered right to our office!
We 3 ladies can’t wait for our Lunch Mason fix
every Monday! Absolutely Wonderful!
— Janice, Antoinette & Diane
The Lunch Mason is the healthiest and tastiest meal I eat all week! I love the attention to detail that goes into these nutritious bundles of joy! They are a veritable collection of nourishing treats that help me to power through my workday.
— Matt L.
I was skeptical at first that a purchased lunch could be both healthy, low calorie and delicious! This exceeded my expectations. Everything was fresh and tasty — I tried the Detox and the Mexican Quinoa. Also, the side with delicata squash was great, especially with the addition of fresh pomegranate seeds on top!
— Susan L.
I just had the meatloaf lunch mason and it was amazing. The meal was so good, I asked for the recipe. The portions where perfect where I felt full and satisfied. I highly recommend the service.
— Taylor E.