Alex LaRosa created her first recipe at age eight (black bean salsa) and has been an enthusiastic cook ever since. She is passionate about organic and local ingredients sourced from farmer's markets, and is a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. A certified yoga teacher who embraces a healthy lifestyle, Alex is also a certified health coach and loves to further her knowledge of food and its impact on the body. 

All of her lunch jars are filled with delicious local organic ingredients, and made with love.



Leave lunch to us – and say goodbye to the sad desk salad and hello to a healthier you!

The Lunch Mason prepares and delivers delicious healthy lunches artfully layered in mason jars. Our ingredients are fresh, locally sourced from the Union Square Greenmarket and organic (whenever possible). Our recipes are developed by an integrative health coach who believes that food should be nutritious, as well as delicious.  

We strive to offer healthy, fresh, & local lunches for the busy professional. 

Why the Mason Jar is Best:

 • Food in glass airtight containers stays fresher longer

• We eat with our eyes, so feast your eyes on our beautifully layered lunches.

• What you see is what you eat – literally!  We don't hide behind opaque containers. No added artificial ingredients or surprises here.

• Portion, portion, portion! We serve the perfect of amount of fats, vegetables and protein to keep you full without overeating.

• Method to our madness- -- We always layer with our dressing on the bottom to keep the ingredients fresh and crisp. No one wants a soggy salad!